Waterloo River Lights flips the switch on vibrancy

Waterloo River Lights flips the switch on vibrancy

WATERLOO, IOWA: The City of Waterloo held a grand opening ceremony for its new River Lights project on June 1. The project is part of the city’s Veterans Way project that winds through the downtown.

This portion at the pedestrian bridge now links both sides of the river in a gesture of community pride and salute to its veterans. The new lighting in the canopy, the towers, and the lighted falls can all be programmed to help the city celebrate game wins, seasons, and holidays.

Waterloo began its lighting project last summer, and was eager to wrap construction for the warmer months.

In a press release by the City of Waterloo, “a bridge lighting celebration of the 4th Street Bridge is set for Thursday, June 1, at 8:45 pm and the public is invited.” 

The event began at 7 pm at the outdoor beer garden Anton’s Garden with food, drink, and music. After dusk guests moved to the Vietnam Memorial Monument. Speakers highlighted the uniqueness of the bridge lights installation in creating a unique and iconic experience for Waterloo residents and visitors, which has been designed to both honor veterans and entertain spectators. A spectacular light show followed.

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