Meeting the housing demand

From small towns to major metropolitan cities, housing challenges consistently rank as one of the top concerns of Midwestern communities today. We invite you to work with us to be proactive about your housing supply. The housing crisis may not look quite the same everywhere, but the crunch poses very real challenges–particularly for workforce attraction. Find out more.

Get immersed in Design: where art and storytelling build places that are vibrant + meaningful

Eye Level Studio is the design division of Vandewalle & Associates. We create places to draw in people … to educate, enrich, and connect people to place and culture. That adds vibrancy + economic value.

Repurposing surplus institutional property

Communities and property owners are facing an excess of retired institutional property–including hospitals, higher education/schools, houses of worship, and corporate assets. Our deep expertise finding vibrant new uses delivers long-term community benefit while getting maximum return for the property owner. Find out why no one else can match our place-based approach that combines regional economics, market and real estate expertise, place design, and preservation.

GrantWatch + Grants Roadmap

V&A’s detailed and action-oriented Grants Roadmap service can help pair potential grant sources relevant to you, then guide you through shaping projects you want to submit. You get access to our focused and visionary concept design, cost-estimating, strategic partnership development, grant-writing, and more. Sign up for our free GrantWatch service to stay in the know on Grant opportunities relevant to you.

Repurposing vacant retail

Communities need new retail options for the future. A one-to-one replacement isn’t always feasible and may not even be the right solution for the long-term viability in your community. You may need strategies to repurpose the site. That’s where we come in. Find out how we can help with creative strategies for reuse, revitalization, or redevelopment.

Is your TIF district delivering the community value it should?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts can help communities optimize the value of an incremental tax base and make improvements and development happen.  Yet many local municipalities are stretched too thin to use this tool to its greatest advantage. We can help–creating successful outcomes from TIF, and providing deep expertise at every stage in the TIF process. Check out our TIF management resources and TIF Talks video Series.

Recovery + resiliency strategies

In times of unprecedented change, Vandewalle & Associates wants to help you adapt and understand your new goals for the future. So we are always digging, assembling resources, managing, and implementing. We are writing grants and tracking changes in states, federal and foundational funding daily. And we continue to listen, collaborate, brainstorm, collect and connect vital social, economic, and change-influenced data that will prepare us to find solutions for new realities. Check out our Recovery and Resiliency pages.

Full List of Services


Experience Creation
Housing Demand + Affordability Strategies
Subdivision Planning
Technology + Medical Campus Planning
Transit-oriented Development
Transportation (DOT) planning
Urban Planning + Design


Community Positioning
Economic Recovery Strategy
Economic Replacement
Innovation Capacity Building
Talent Pipeline Strategy
Tourism Strategy
Workforce Attraction Strategy


Brownfield Reuse
Land/Facility Reuse Planning
Redevelopment Strategies + Implementation
Subdivision Planning + Affordable Housing


Urban Design
Neighborhood Design
Landscape Design
Streetscape Design
Geographic Information Services (GIS)
Interactive Online Mapping
Graphic Design
Communication + Marketing
Drone services


Business Plan Development
Developer Recruitment
Partnership Building
Project Visioning


Financing Strategies + Special Finance Districts
Funding Strategies + Grant Writing
Grants Roadmap Services
TIF District Project Planning + Implementation
TIF Resources


Comprehensive + Sub-Area Plans
Public Outreach + Participation


Affordable Housing Strategies
Infrastructure + Capital Improvements Planning
Intergovernmental Facilitation + Agreements
Project Facilitation
Subdivision Planning
Zoning + Subdivision Ordinances


New Neighborhoods
Parking Studies


Bike + Pedestrian Planning
Electric Vehicle Station Planning
Farmland Preservation
Flood Planning
Hazard Mitigation

Natural Resource Management + Preservation
Park + Open Space Planning
Resilient Communities
Resource + Asset Mapping
School District Planning
Sustainability Planning + Resource Management
Transportation Planning


Corporate Asset Disposition
Repositioning Institutional Property
Development Agreements
Economic Impact Analysis
Entitlement Facilitation