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Getting out in front with GrantWatch is as easy as clicking here. We’ll help you stay on top of federal and state grant announcements, share basic details and links to additional materials and resources. To help you pursue a grant, our Grants Team is standing by help you identify, shape, write, or in other ways support your grant application.

Note: This is not an exhaustive clearinghouse of all grants. The grant landscape is constantly changing. We do our best to track grants that can provide funding to advance a key project in your community … but we cannot guarantee finding every grant nor that you will win your grant submissions. However our ability to position projects successfully is exceptionally high.

Our robust Grants Roadmap service helps identify and position specific projects for funding success.

Our detailed and action-oriented Grants Roadmap service can help pair potential grant sources relevant to you, then guide you through next steps to determine and shape the projects you want to submit. You get access to our focused and visionary concept design, cost-estimating, strategic partnership development, grant-writing, and more.

Part of our Grants Roadmap service includes access to a Grants Quick Reference, exclusively from V&A. Not every federal agency has the same requirements for grants. You need a partner who understands each unique set of grant requirements and can help you position to win. Call us or email us today and ask about our proprietary Grants Quick Reference.

Learn what it takes to win grants with our 6 Steps to Funding Success. Our “6 Steps to Funding Success” outlines the steps to having the project outlined BEFORE the dollars are released. Follow these tips for a quick application and best chance to secure the available dollars and get considered ahead of larger cities.

We are tracking everything from National Endowment of the Arts for public art projects, to EPA grants for brownfield remediation … and ready to help position you for success. Give us a call to get started or email us.