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Urban Planning
Urban Planning

We work in core urban areas to plan, envision, and reinvent ... with deep insight into how people, place, and market forces shape area vibrancy.


Getting needed development to happen in a shifting market is a long game. You need vision + trusted expertise in place for all twists and phases.

Economic Development
Economic Development

Analysis and vision at multiple scales allows us to uncover untapped opportunities and harness assets for economic growth and transformation.

Community Planning
Community Planning

From comprehensive planning and zoning for needed housing ... to park and open space plans ... we are expert at shaping place, character and policy to advance community goals.

Design + Communication
Design + Communication

Also known by our division name Eye Level Studio, this is a team of highly creative, versatile designers and communicators who speak the language of user experience + place.

Implementation Services
Implementation Services

We are an extension of your community and project team ... from stakeholder engagement, to grants, TIF + project financing, to developer recruitment ... and beyond.

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Madison Landmarks Commission approves Essen Haus redevelopment

MADISON, WIS. Madison Landmarks Commission has approved redevelopment plans for the Essen Haus block of Williamson Street. Final approval is still pending.

JCap Real Estate plans to build an eight story, 178 unit residential building on the site, while conserving the facade of the well-known Come Back Inn and preserve the historic structures of the Hotel Ruby Marie and its Up North Bar.

The developer would also create an alley or promenade between structures to serve as a “living street” for hotel, restaurant, and pub patrons.

Brian Munson, Principal Designer at Vandewalle & Associates, explained that the designers working on the plans for redevelopment tried to lean in a singular and complementary architectural style, but with a modern twist. This latest version has won widespread approval.

Beloit holds community open house for Comprehensive Plan

BELOIT, WI (WITH EXCERPTS FROM WREX.COM ) – At a May community open house the City and representatives from Vandewalle & Associates opened the dialogue on the Comprehensive Plan Update.

A top priority is the need to create more affordability and flexibility to address the housing crisis.

“You either have a single family house, or a bigger apartment complex, there’s not a lot of options for people in the middle and we want to be able to have somebody live their entire lives in Beloit, and your needs change throughout their life.” 

The goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to enhance the City of Beloit over the next 20 years. The last comprehensive plan was last fully updated in 2008.

Resident Susan Adams says development, diversity, sustainability are some of her top priorities.

“We need to be educated about what is going on in this city and especially because this comprehensive plan is going to last for 20 years. And it’s going to be important,” says Adams.

Additional opportunities for input came in the form of a table at the Sky Carp game, as well as a survey that ran through June 3.

The draft comprehensive plan will go to Plan Commission in June and then to City Council in August to review and adopt. 

The draft plan is available on the project website. 

New plan by Vandewalle & Associates shows options for Oakwood Mall

EAU CLAIRE, WIS. (EXCERPTS FROM LEADERTELEGRAM.COM) — A study done by Vandewalle & Associates, Inc. gave the city a plan on what could possibly be developed with the Oakwood Mall.

Eau Claire Community Development Director Aaron White said this study was meant to outline what could be done with the mall to make it fit the current shopping culture and use its space to the fullest extent before something happened to make it have to change.

Vandewalle & Associates has previously worked with Eau Claire before by creating a concept for the redevelopment of the Eau Claire Cannery District, said White. To create ideas for mall development, it went through its process, which included meeting with people who owned the mall and surrounding properties, touring the location, and drawing from their own experience of redeveloping malls.

You can read the full LeaderTelegram article here.


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