A comprehensive plan update for a county rich in agricultural assets, with new throughfare plan and economic development strategies

CLIENT: Hancock County, Indiana

DATES: 2022-2024

NEED: Hancock County, Indiana was interested in creating a new comprehensive plan and economic development strategy that would recognize agriculture as a foundational asset in the county, and create more opportunities for the community. 

With extensive agricultural areas in the county zoned for a different use following the adoption of the last comprehensive plan, the new plan would aim to to consider rezoning only as it’s proposed by property owners and developers prior to actual development. The new comprehensive plan would also include a thoroughfare plan and economic development strategy.

The updated plan culminates a $250,000 effort two years in the making guided by Vandewalle & Associates, local steering committee and public feedback. At over 200 pages, officials will use the document to help guide development over the next 20 years. It would replace the county’s current plan, which has been in place since 2005 and had an in-house update in 2012. 

Subconsultants on the project included Baker Tilly,
Triad Associates, Context Design, and OBE Advisors, LLC.

RESULTS: The Hancock County Area Plan Commission was adopted unanimously by the County Commission following Plan Commission approval. The county’s forward-thinking 2024 comprehensive plan has also been recognized at the American Planning Association’s Indiana Chapter spring conference. Vandewalle & Associates continues to work with the County on various implementation activities.