CLIENT/PARTNERS: City of Eau Claire and Local Property Owners

DATES: 2022-present

NEED:  The Oakwood Mall is a is a 35-year old enclosed mall with over 9000,000 sf of retail space with character consistent with its era. The primary area for redevelopment is approximately 77 acres of mixed development with national retailers, restaurants, and commercial, adjacent to professional/medical uses. Stakeholders envision a redevelopment plan that brings this area in line with modern retail design: less car-centric, with greater pedestrian appeal, additional greenspaces, and strong tie-in to the City trail/bike path system.

ROLE + SERVICES: Create a master plan vision with recommended alternatives that facilitate the economic sustainability of the area by:

  • Incorporating mixed-use spaces (including a variety of residential options)
  • Making the public spaces more inviting for pedestrians and visitors
  • Shaping best options for site access (traffic flow/lot configurations/etc.) and connectivity (auto, bike, and pedestrian) to neighboring areas
  • Managing stormwater and promote sustainability


  • Mixed-use Commercial (retail, restaurant, office, service)
  • Mix of Residential
  • Public Spaces and Placemaking
  • Pedestrian and Bike Infrastructure
  • Parking Strategies and Design
  • Future Phases and Uses
  • Community Engagement
  • Communication
  • Implementation Plan

STATUS/RESULTS: Plan alternatives are currently being reviewed by the City and project Steering Committee, in preparation for the next Public Input stages.