Next Steps for Next Generation Housing in Washington County

Next Steps for Next Generation Housing in Washington County

JACKSON, WISCONSIN – The Vandewalle & Associates team has been hard at work implementing the Washington County Next Generation Housing (NGH) Initiative’s pilot development in the Village of Jackson in partnership with Village and County leaders.

Aimed at leveraging a novel funding structure to provide 1,000 new-construction, owner-occupied housing units to address workforce housing needs throughout Washington County by 2032, the NGH initiative will seek to ensure that 75% of the program’s housing units are sold for no more than $320,00 and that 100% are sold for no more than $420,000.

Vandewalle & Associates worked in close coordination with the Washington County Department of Community Development to create the funding structure for the NGH Initiative, which will be implemented for the first time in Jackson in 2024.

On October 12, Harbor Homes and Hillcrest Builders were officially announced as the two companies who would be constructing the homes in the Village of Jackson pilot project. The development, named the Oaks of Jackson Subdivision, will consist of 20 acres of land featuring a mix of 101 single-family and mixed-family homes within the price points targeted by the NGH Initiative, providing new-construction housing units at prices significantly cheaper than would otherwise be seen in the private market.

The builders plan to have the first homes finished and ready for move in by March of 2024. More information about the Oaks of Jackson pilot project can be found here.