Capitol East District becomes a model for redevelopment of a commercial strip corridor

Capitol East District becomes a model for redevelopment of a commercial strip corridor

The Congress for New Urbanism publication Public Square acknowledges massive corridor redevelopment project in Madison can be considered a model for urban strip corridor redevelopment in a new article posted at

The Capitol East District, located just east of the Capitol Square on Madison’s narrow Isthmus, is fully vibrant today; a complete, mixed-use transformation from the single-story strip malls, auto dealerships, and former industrial corridor it reinvented.

Planning for the project began with the East Washington Avenue Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan, with urban design by Vandewalle Associates. After an intensive planning process initiated by the City, business community, and neighborhood stakeholders, the plan was adopted in 2008. The plan focused on four core principles:

  • Protect and enhance the iconic view of the Capitol.
  • Respect and strengthen the adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Firmly establish the corridor as an employment center supported by transit.
  • Create an inviting, vibrant boulevard.

Vandewalle & Associates also partnered with the City of Madison and with the Heibing Group to create the Capitol East District branding and economic repositioning plan.

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