CLIENT: Fort Healthcare and the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation

DATES: 2021-Present

NEED: As communities across the state grapple with the existing housing crisis, several health providers have also realized the issues that housing presents to their goals and objectives. As large employers, land owners, and community leaders in public health initiatives, local health providers are a key resource in the community that can help drive change when it comes to increasing housing affordability and availability.

ROLE/SERVICES: The Vandewalle & Associates team has assisted both groups in identifying community needs, analysis of existing properties, and the development of plans to revitalize properties around their campus and greenfield housing opportunities.


  • Fort Healthcare – McMillen Street Infill and Redevelopment Plan
  • Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation – Southwest Side Conceptual Neighborhood Plan

RESULTS + IMPACT: Neighborhood planning efforts in Watertown remain ongoing, but individual development projects are anticipated to be teed up to begin as soon as 2024. Fort Healthcare has begun relocating four single-family homes, the construction of new two-family homes, and it is anticipated that larger multi-family projects in future phases will begin in the coming years.