Like most communities, the housing crunch and other interrelated issues affect community vitality in Altoona

CLIENT: City of Altoona, Wisconsin

DATES: 2001, 2002

NEED: Address a number of interrelated issues for future community health, including creating a range of attainable housing options, equity, health, environmental sustainability, and community vitality.

V&A ROLE + SERVICES: The 2022 Altoona Comprehensive Plan and East Neighborhood Plan represent the culmination of well over a year of work with the community, its residents, and the multidisciplinary team of V&A planning, research, GIS, neighborhood design, graphic design, public process, and economic development expertise. V&A considers both products as prepared in parallel to be successful models of progressive plans that clearly map out next steps for a community to plan for and successfully manage a number of complex and interrelated issues.