Here are just a few of our TID success stories:


Over our ongoing 30-year relationship, V&A has served as the redevelopment planning, design, and economic restructuring consultant for the City.

This TIF District has been a model in downtown reinvestment, greenfield development, and proactive community planning for 3 decades. V&A created and has regularly updated the TID project plan that has revitalized the downtown and established an entire West Side employment and retail center – maximizing tax base and positive impact on the school district and City services. The TID spending plan addresses environmental, recreational, and stormwater concerns as well promoting affordable housing, sustainability, energy conservation, environmental preservation, job creation, and livability. 

V&A’s role included developed the plan, created the TID and has actively implemented the it through a city staff team approach, driving its long-term impact and success for the community.

Results include:

  • $920 million: Development value (over 45X the average TID value in Wisconsin!); 
  • Over 8000: # of jobs brought to Middleton
  • $65 million: Public improvements paid by the TID for roadway, stormwater management, bike/ped infrastructure, and public utilities


Oak Creek lies between Lake Michigan the I-94 corridor, 12 miles from downtown Milwaukee.

V&A helped the City create TID #13 and prepare a vision for a dynamic public waterfront and private development, including establishing optimum boundaries and identifying the right balance of land uses to eliminate blight and maximize the TID’s financial success.

Details: Historically heavily industrial, these uses left environmental complexities requiring years of investigation and cleanup. V&A conducted a conditions analysis and qualified the area as a Blighted TID, creating a district with 27 years of life to help the City stimulate catalytic site redevelopment, provide financing for lakefront improvements, and increase the tax base. V&A also amended TID #6 to provide donations of surplus revenues to help jumpstart development within TID #13.

Results for TID $13: 

  • $172.7 million: Development value goal
  • $36.4 million: Authorized City investments in capital costs, environmental clean-up, and development incentives over life of the District

Other Oak Creek TIDs with V&A:

  • TID #12:  IKEA TID with $125 million from new development along Drexel Avenue corridor
    adjacent to I-94
  • TID #14: Redevelopment of industrial park
  • TID #15: Redevelopment of ALDI/retail strip
  • TID #16: Ryan Road Business Park including $100 million Amazon logistics hub


The Capitol East District was a significantly underutilized corridor in the heart of Madison.  The goal was to create a major urban employment center with a lively pulse.

Details: V&A worked with city staff, the private sector and neighborhoods to prepare an award-winning vision and plan for the corridor. We then led a repositioning strategy and implementation project prioritization with
development projections.  Working as a team with city staff, we actively
guided TIF implementation including land acquisition and developer selection.


  • Additional Tax Value $328 million
  • New city destination and commercial hub
    • Residential Units: ~1,400
    • Commercial: ~620,000
    • Parking Stalls: ~2,900
    • Hotel Rooms: ~140

Summary: The Capitol East District is a game-changing economic and high-density living epicenter that has attracted small, medium and large businesses and become an entertainment destination with a fresh vibe.