Regent Street Corridor


CLIENT: Greenbush Vilas Partnership/ Madison Gas & Electric/other private stakeholders

NEED: Madison’s Regent Street Corridor has untapped redevelopment potential that the market is primed to realize. This blighted yet vital commercial corridor is both the game-day edge of the UW Campus, and serves residents of the Greenbush and Vilas neighborhoods and community. While a corridor plan existed, there was great need for a vision and implementation plan to define its role, identity, and experience.

The Vision, Projects, and Implementation aim to:

  • Catalyze new investment and redevelopment of underutilized properties
  • Shape the vibe and character of the corridor to be a distinctive and memorable destination
  • Create stronger market linkages between neighborhoods, new housing and commercial uses along a pedestrian oriented Regent Street Corridor
  • Develop a vision for enhancing a family-oriented Game-day experience for residents and visitor.
  • Reduce neighborhood externalities/impact


V&A conducted a place-based Market an Opportunity Analysis to identify and prioritize key projects, and an Implementation strategy. The team continues to work with property owners and stakeholders to advance projects consistent with the plan and vision.


  • Monroe – Regent signature intersection/civic space
  • Italian Heritage/Greenbush focal points
  • Kohl Center /Alexander Property Vision for densification and integration
  • Game Day Experience


  • Over $150 M in reinvestment between 2018-2024
  • New locally owned unique restaurants/destination business sprouting
  • New City TID created