CLIENT: City of Eau Claire

DATES: 2019-2021

NEED: The Cannery District is a former industrial area in which the City of Eau Claire aimed to increase property values/ generate more increment, and to create a wider variety of housing and commercial activities—while also providing for a variety of high quality, accessible public spaces, as well as accommodate a growing demand for a diverse mix of housing options.

ROLE: V&A worked with the City to shape various market-feasible redevelopment options. V&A also helped the City develop a sustainable neighborhood master plan for a new residential addition to the northwest side of the community.


  1. Cannery District Redevelopment Plan
    • Vision: V&A helped the City to develop a new vision for the area as a vibrant, multi-use riverfront area of renewal where people live, recreate, and “make things.” It is a place that will support activities that benefit Eau Claire’s Upper West Side Neighborhood, users of the regional Chippewa Trail, nearby businesses and institutions, the downtown renaissance, and the City as a whole.
    • Redevelopment options tailored to goals, vision, and market feasibility
  2. Gateway Neighborhood Master Plan with:
    • Diverse mix of housing options
    • Sustainable infrastructure
    • Walkable streets
    • Bike and pedestrian networks
    • Stormwater management
    • Home guidelines
    • Solar block

OUTCOME/IMPACT: The City is currently working with a development partner on implementation in accordance with its vision.