As a Principal Urban Designer at Vandewalle & Associates, Dean helps shape the vision of places. He’s also co-leader of Eye Level Studio, our urban design and communications teams.

Dean Proctor is an architect, urban designer, and expert graphic communicator with more than 30 years of professional experience in design and management at architectural, urban design, and planning consulting firms.

His unique contributions include redevelopment collaboration and perspective illustrations…all of which are used to help clients better envision the imaginative yet place-based recommendations of the Vandewalle & Associates team.

Redevelopment, design, and communication issues comprise the main focus of Dean’s work. These include regional, land, and site planning, sub-area master planning, contextual urban and architectural design, public space design, waterfront design, landscape character analysis and protection, and historic preservation consulting.

A particular area of expertise is his development of “experience” and interpretive concepts for unique places and redevelopment concepts for critical urban sites.

Dean has a hand in most of the company’s design, communication, and planning endeavors, helping envision team recommendations through creative design illustrations. 

He has created design guidelines for a wide variety of settings from urban to rural, and serves communities with design review assistance.

For projects ranging in scale from detailed site and building design to regional planning issues, Dean is a pivotal and celebrated team member. Examples of Dean’s ongoing project locations include Waterloo and Ottumwa, Iowa; Carrollton and Monmouth, Illinois; Muncie, Indiana; and Eau Claire, Jefferson, and Madison, Wisconsin. 

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M.A. Landscape Architecture
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

B.Arch Architecture
Six-Year Professional Practice Program
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio


Registered Architect, Indiana #4304
Member, American Institute of Architects
Member, American Society of Landscape Architects