Transit-Oriented Development

Creating regional rail hubs and building economies

Rail Vision Connecting Dubuque, Galena, Freeport, Rockford, Chicago

Freeport Station

Moline Quad Cities Station

Regional rail hubs can have a wide-reaching impact on their surrounding community; strengthening and building global connections, increasing workforce mobility, and enhancing downtown as a visitor destination. Elements of these transit stations may include:

  • Park-n-ride structure
  • Bus transfer point
  • Passenger rail service
  • Use of green energy systems
  • Underutilized site redevelopment and/or building reuse
  • Reuse of existing urban infrastructure
  • Multi-modal connections

Funding rail initiatives. Vandewalle & Associates also works the funding angle, positioning these hubs to qualify for federal funding as part of the Midwest High Speed Rail Network.

Key rail projects. Some of the firm’s Transit-Oriented Development projects include:

As the passenger rail and high-speed rail system develops and connects Chicago, its workforce, and the other economic centers of the Upper Midwest, Vandewalle & Associates is leveraging the opportunity and available funding to create regional rail hubs that contribute to the region’s economic development vision.