How Successful is Your TIF District?

Is your TIF district delivering the community value it should?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts are a tool that can help communities optimize the value of an incremental tax base and make improvements and development happen.  Yet we often see local municipalities who are stretched too thin so they can’t use TIF to its greatest advantage. This can lead to a TIF that falls short of expectations.  We can help.  We provide deep expertise at every stage in the TIF process – with decades of experience working with customers to drive impactful TIF outcomes.

Whether it is reversing a TIF in a negative increment or providing the planning acumen to bring your vision to life, we can help make your TIF District successful.


‘Your TID isn’t a piggybank’ and other important tips.

Tax incremental financing is the most powerful tool in the municipal toolkit. It is designed as a debt funding vehicle and is used to subsidize development in the selected district for the term of the TID. Actively and effectively managing your TID means you can always be ready for development opportunities when they arise.

Join us for TIF Talks – our exclusive 5-part series with strategies for making the most of your TIF District.

Register now to be part of the series and we’ll email you the content every other week. No costs and no webinar attendance required! Sessions include:

  1. Take the heat off the general fund by maximizing TID liquidity
  2. Strategies for turning around an under-performing TID  
  3. Pro tips for peak TID performance 
  4. Use TIF to address the housing crunch 
  5. Structuring the optimal TIF Deal 



Read some of our TIF and TID Success Stories.

Stories from Middleton, Oak Creek, and Madison’s Capitol East District are standout examples of how TIF can be worked and managed to advance projects and make more of the right things happen to benefit the greater community.


What makes our approach to working a TID so successful?

Register here to receive our TIF Optimization Playbook. You’ll find our proven and unique TIF optimization process and best practices.  If your community is ready for an economic boost or you want to plant the seeds for economic recovery, a strategic development plan using the TIF financing tool may be the answer.


New to Tax Incremental Financing? 

Learn some TIF Basics by resistering and asking for our TIF Basics E-book . Or want to know more about our extensive experience and unique approach to TIF?  Review our TIF brochure. (PDF).


Partial list of our comprehensive TIF Management and Growth Services:  

  • Conducting site and area opportunity analysis
  • Preparing site assessment
  • Designing and planning services, including concept master plans
  • Reviewing and commenting on proposed development designs, pro formas, and requests for financial assistance
  • Creating a successful redevelopment strategy
  • Conducting TIF and project feasibility studies
  • Delivering public participation strategies and meeting facilitation
  • Crafting redevelopment plans
  • Developing TIF project plans
  • Maximizing catalytic impact through proactive, integrated planning and design with surrounding sites and out-of-the-box concepting
  • Identifying the priority /catalytic project(s)
  • Developing implementation plans
  • Estimating costs, proposing timing, critical development and place-making improvements as well as critical redevelopment / demand necessary to trigger design and construction
  • Providing Brownfield site assessments, grants, clean-up management and redevelopment implementation
  • Developing partnerships
  • Recruiting developers through outreach, marketing, review, and negotiations
  • Recruiting businesses and tenants
  • Planning and advising for transit
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Delivering TIF additions, subtractions, amendments
  • Transferring money between districts and other creative financial solutions