The most successful redevelopment plans seek to identify the economic opportunities that will be feasible over time in a particular physical and economic setting. To make that happen, Vandewalle & Associates carefully crafts a bold vision, then plan redevelopment to connect with related development and economic growth in the targeted area. We also make sure it’s sustainable. For that reason, we are constantly on the lookout for emerging and hidden opportunities that integrate well with the local social, political, and economic culture.

Implementation of a successful redevelopment plan is an art as well as a science, and nobody does it better than our experienced redevelopment team. We know how to structure projects for success, and structure phases to include needed infrastructure that will attract the development the project vision requires.

Successful implementation of redevelopment often depends on finding large amounts of capital; Vandewalle & Associates can play a critical role in helping to identify and secure Tax Increment Financing and other funds for projects. We are expert at managing Tax Increment Districts for success. We also help foster the public-private partnerships that are an important part of securing these revenues and resources.