Opportunity Zone Studies and Services

Opportunity Zones are a  relatively new economic tool for the development and revitalization of urban spaces. These Federally designated areas are intended to bring attention and investment to cities and neighborhoods often overlooked by traditional investors by offering attractive tax benefits on capital gains. 

As good as that sounds, Opportunity Zones will not create positive impact by themselves. Making the most of these areas of opportunity and investment will require strategic planning and some “hustle.”

Vandewalle & Associates can help you get opportunities and resources lined up quickly, while making the most of this new tool for your community. Deeply involved with impactful project development and implementation–and already having created successful Opportunity Zone applications in several states–Vandewalle and Associates is uniquely qualified to provide the analysis, prioritization, and catalytic project planning that will attract investors and spur economic development in your designated Opportunity Zones. 


Whether you are a municipality, redevelopment organization, developer, or investor groups, we can help you make the most of Opportunity Zones. Email Scott Harrington or call him at (414) 988-8632 or (608)-255-3988.

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