Let’s shape places to be free of discrimination and racism


Because Black Lives Matter. These lives matter to each of us personally and to our company’s mission. They matter to our neighborhoods, our communities, our culture, and our collective healthy and sustainable future.

Immigrants, native peoples, and diverse cultures are the fabric of our incredible society. We are all equal: All ethnic backgrounds, all people of color, LBGTQ identifying, and people of all religions are lives that are equally cherished, celebrated, and vital to the texture and health of our community. We stand for justice, equality and inclusion in the daily experience of all peoples and cultures.

Being in position to see how these issues affect lives and communities, we are working with you to do more. Vandewalle & Associates is making it a core focus to identify and address injustice in our society, economy, and living environment. We are listening, striving to understand the issues on the deepest level, and advancing efforts that shape real change like:

  • Affordable housing, by:
    • Planning for a housing mix that meets needs of all ages and income levels
  • Inclusion, by:
    • Listening, understanding deeper issues, and broadening the scope of outreach to ensure diverse voices are heard through public participation
    • Partnering with neighborhoods, special interest groups, and members of the community
  • Economic opportunities, by:
    • Revitalizing, lifting up, and better serving urban neighborhoods in need
    • Working with urban high schools on live-learn neighborhoods that give youth more training and job opportunities
    • Advancing economic development that supports local small business and offers opportunities where they are needed most
    • Assisting communities with advancing and securing funds for most needed projects
  • Environmental justice and sustainability, by:
  • Access to transportation, by:
  • Public health, by:
    • Ensuring neighborhoods are connected to basic health, food, and recreational needs
  • Social justice, by:

Let’s work together, to make things better for everyone.