Marquette County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Marquette County, Wisconsin

In 2007 and 2008,Vandewalle & Associates worked with the Marquette County Emergency Management Agency (MCEM) to develop a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan to address some of the greatest risks in the County including flooding, severe storms, and wildfires. This plan positioned the County for federal mitigation funding and was a critical next step toward reducing hazard risks in the County. Having worked with Vandewalle & Associates to successfully complete a County-wide comprehensive plan in 2005, the County was poised to efficiently and effectively identify and mitigate local hazards.

Comprehensive approach. V&A applied its approach to hazard mitigation which focuses on the integral connection between land use and hazard vulnerability, ultimately integrating hazard mitigation strategies into daily planning and land use policy decisions. . 

Plan components.

Land use management tools, including changes to:

  • Comprehensive plan
  • Zoning code
  • Subdivision ordinance
  • Capital improvements plan

Strategies to mitigate flooding county-wide:

  • Identification of, and high priority strategies for, high-risk flooding areas including the City of Montello and areas along the Fox River in the Town of Moundville
  • Strategies for protecting people—particularly vulnerable populations such as elderly residents and tourists—from severe storms including warning, education and protection

Strategies to mitigate wildfire risk:

  • Guidance on good land use practices
  • Active forest management 

Upon adoption of the Plan by the County and all participating communities, Marquette County became eligible for competitive grant funding through FEMA to implement the Plan.