RootWorks Redevelopment: Revitalizing Racine’s Urban Root River Corridor

rootworks-logo finalRootWorks: Revitalizing Racine’s Root River Corridor is a redevelopment plan that fosters the renewal of Racine’s historic industrial district. The plan and vision were developed out of public, private, and non-profit partnerships, extensive neighborhood input, and guided by a dedication to the following goals:

    • Creating a sense of place
    • Stimulating economic growth
    • Allowing public access and interaction
    • Improving water quality

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      RootWorks Update 4.30.13

The RootWorks Plan envisions the rebirth of the Root River Corridor as the heart of the City and a hub for economic growth. The strategy responds not only to the needs and opportunities within the Corridor, but also the economic needs of the entire community. Since the Plan’s adoption in the summer of 2012, its project partners–including the City of Racine, Racine County Economic Development Corporation, Root River Council, SC Johnson, and Vandewalle & Associates–have been engaged in Plan implementation.


Root River Redevelopment and Economic Positioning Plan PDF Document

RootWorks Vision PDF Document

RootWorks Area-Wide Plan PDF Document


Context Map PDF document

Redevelopment Strategy Map PDF document

Connections Map PDF document

Water Quality Map PDF document

Implementation Strategy Map 1: Access PDF document