Racine City-wide Economic Opportunity Analysis

In 2012, Racine worked with Vandewalle & Associates to determine geographic areas in the City of Racine with the greatest potential for redevelopment and economic growth to guide and target redevelopment and economic development efforts over the next 3-5 years.  Project partners included the City of Racine, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation, and the Mayor’s Economic Development Advisory Committee Core Team. The work advances the Mayor’s “Ten in 10” goals—focused on advancing economic growth and development; stabilizing neighborhoods; offering the best quality of life and public safety; and promoting opportunities for quality recreation and quality entertainment venues.

Specifically, this work delivers the following outcomes:

  • Forge a path for redevelopment and economic development project priorities and focus;
  • Develop an understanding of the community’s assets and opportunities related to key focus areas; and
  • Guide the City to move forward with key identified sites.


Racine Economic Development Project Opportunities Summary Report 11/9/12 PDF document

Racine – Opportunities 10/8/12 PDF document

Racine – City Wide Opportunity Areas 10/11/12  PDF document