Fitchburg Place-based Economic Development Vision & Strategy

The City in Motion: Forward Fitchburgʼs Place-Based Economic Development Vision and Strategy

THE NEED: The young and rapidly growing city of Fitchburg is at a crucial moment in its evolution. Decisions made now will set the stage for the character of the economy and the success for decades to come. In 2012, Fitchburg’s public and private sector leaders came together to support a common vision and a strategic framework for how to pursue that vision and capitalize on its youthful energy, while moving forward with strategic guidance and clarity of purpose.

PROJECT PARTNERS: This year-long effort was led by the Fitchburg New Economy Team FNET, Community & Economic Development Authority (CEDA), City of Fitchburg, Fitchburg Chamber, and numerous partners.

V&A ROLE: A team of consultants worked to develop a graphic identity, conduct focus groups and data collection. V&A served as the lead consultant on the Economic Visioning and Strategic Framework process, and was responsible for:

  • Data synthesis
  • Crafting a bold vision for the future and a document to tell the story
  • Identifying five Strategic Directions
  • Developing a Strategic Framework including initiatives and priority action items