DeForest-Windsor Marketing

Area Identity Development and Marketing, DeForest-Windsor, Wisconsin

In 2010 the Village of DeForest, Wisconsin and its neighboring communities of Windsor and Vienna sought to establish a common area identity to better compete for new business, retail and workforce. The group hired Vandewalle & Associates to develop a fresh and unified positioning for the area, and an identity framework that would allow each of the communities to maintain individual identities within the context of the shared area.

Vandewalle & Associates weighed existing research, new survey and focus group findings to create a marketing blueprint based on desired targets, area goals, and key community assets.

A unique identity, positioning, and message hierarchy were developed for the DeForest-Windsor area. The program showcases the area’s stewardship of Dane County’s prime agricultural land, optimal transportation access, and wealth of residential and conservancy spaces along the upper Yahara River and Token Creek. Elements of the area identity and marketing program included:

  • A “DeForest-Windsor” area logo
  • A tag line for the area
  • An area positioning statement and message hierarchy
  • Design standards
  • And a Quality of Life brochure with customizable inserts targeting retail, workforce, and business

The program also helped each individual community find its own distinct identity within the greater area image, with:

  • A distinct yet area identity-related Village of DeForest logo
  • A palette of identity elements that Windsor and Vienna can use to create their own logos
  • Marketing components for each community to update their web sites and align with the new area image
  • Unified community entryway and key interchange signage