Milwaukee 7 Region

Milwaukee 7 Economic Asset & Opportunity Analysis

Milwaukee 7, launched in September 2005, was formed to create a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha, and Washington.

Working with Milwaukee 7, Vandewalle & Associates analyzed the region’s indigenous economic, human, and physical assets–then overlaid economic and technology futures with existing assets to determine key opportunities.

This analysis built upon a large body of existing data, past work, and ideas; from this, the team provided a comprehensive,  professional synthesis alongside an investigation of emerging technologies within the region’s major corporations. Connecting the dots, uncovering unknown opportunities, and mobilizing key players and resources around catalytic projects were key aspects of this work.

The Milwaukee 7 Region Asset and Opportunity Analysis and strategic framework brought alignment and leveraged other regional efforts, while tapping deeply into region’s existing structure and regional brain trust. This gave the region clear strategies and priorities to grow emerging clusters, build innovation capacity, and enhance the regional economic climate.

Download the M7 Economic Asset and Oportunity Analysis document