50+ County Asset & Opportunity Analysis

Nothing like a 50-county asset & opportunity analysis had ever been done for the Quad Cities region

Yet with that level of information and insight, the Midwest Intellectual Property Management Institute could help communities in its 50-county region work collectively, and expand their pools of necessary elements of innovation: talent, skill sets, intellectual property, business/entrepreneur resources, and equity capital.

The Midwest IPI works to create high-quality employment by transforming patents and intellectual property with unrealized market potential into viable products and services. It also engages the region’s retired technical and management talent in growing vital businesses. To facilitate this work, the IPI asked Vandewalle & Associates to conduct an asset and opportunity analysis of the 50-county area, and to help discover how the IPI might engage the tools needed to scale-up commercialization, prototyping, and production of technologies within its 50-county service area.

Vandewalle & Associates also looked beyond the 50-county region and conducted the region’s first “50+ County Regional Asset and Opportunity Analysis” that identifies the collective set of regional assets for growth. It also defines, quantifies, and uniquely communicates what the 50+ county region is. The report also includes:

  • A detailed analysis, facilitating a deeper understanding of the 50+ Region’s collective economic and innovation assets, both as a means for the Region to better understand commonalities and shared interests, as well as to suggest areas of specialization and competitive advantage;
  • Several opportunities to inspire collaboration as a Regional Innovation System, and focus development and deployment of innovation clusters;
  • A strategic framework for the IP Institute to target economic clusters in the 50+ Region related to patents, intellectual property, and human capital.

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