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In the midst of this unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, Vandewalle & Associates wants to help you connect to the resources you need now, help you adapt to new and rapidly changing realities, and understand your new goals for the future.

Assembling and aligning resources. That’s why you will find the Vandewalle & Associates team continuing daily to manage, revise, and implement. We are writing grants, and tracking changes in states, federal and foundational funding daily. We also continue to listen, collaborate, brainstorm, and collect vital social, economic, and change-influenced data that will prepare us to find solutions for new realities.

We are ready with tools and strategies you need right now–today–and tomorrow:

To build resilient communities, we offer a wide range of resiliency and economic and natural disaster recovery resources;




Four impactful projects and the funding that made them happen…

  • Rock River Landing – Jefferson, Wisconsin
  • Waterloo Anew – Waterloo, Iowa 
  • Brownfields Site Redevelopment Program – Washington County Wisconsin
  • Waterfront Redevelopment – Monona, Wisconsin





Capitol East District

Capitol East District


Other Neighborhoods, districts, and communities we’ve helped equip for resiliency:


Jefferson Econ. Recovery










  • Waterloo Iowa

    Waterloo Redev. Impacts

    Downtown long-term redevelopment and economic developmentworking with a community and corporation