Renewable Energy

Working to create more resilient communities

Vandewalle & Associates is working with key communities in the region to help proactively reposition themselves amidst changing regional patterns in a global environment, build new economies, and replace jobs. Renewable energy is a foundational industry in this rapidly changing economic era.

Beyond technology

Growing the renewable energy industry for a new economy requires more than the new technology alone. Growing new economies also requires innovative public policy, and strategic investments to stimulate the growth of new markets.

Selected projects

Three key examples show how Vandewalle & Associates is working to leverage community assets, existing infrastructure, corporations and R&D to create centerpoints for the Renewable Energy industry and other expanding economic clusters:

BioAg Gateway. Located at the historic and physical crossroads of the state’s Ag and Biotech industries, this research and commercialization hub would house the BioLink Incubator and field test plots. A focus for the Incubator would be dedicated energy crops, renewable fuels, and other bioenergy sources.

Great Lakes Green Industry Complex. This green manufacturing center in the heart of Milwaukee would be rooted in existing underutilized industrial lands. Targeting green manufacturers, green product suppliers, and triple-bottom-line companies, the Complex would transform the corridor from a local economic development initiative into a model for central city economic alignment and national center for innovative, economy-building manufacturing.

Jefferson Renewable Energy Park. Vandewalle & Associates framed a catalytic economic opportunity for a business park powered by green energy that would expand area innovation. Anchored by an existing ethanol plant, the park will offer businesses reliable, redundant and affordable renewable energy, advancing the triple bottom line of park businesses.

Other renewable energy projects:


Cedar Valley TechWorks Green Campus

Rifle Colorado Economic Development 

Port Edwards, Wisconsin