Regional Economic Positioning

Where is your place in the next economy?

Vandewalle & Associates, Inc. takes the lead in helping communities restore and build new, sustainable economies for a new economic era. We call it “place-based economic development”: a strategic process that allows regional centers or clusters of counties, urban centers, cities, and/or smaller suburban and rural communities to reshore and position for new economic opportunities.

Secure a strong position. Our economic development and positioning work around the Midwest harnessing Midwest assets has led us to develop several areas of specialization. These include: Bioscience (BioAg, BioMedical, and BioEnergy), Renewable Energy, Freshwater Technologies and Economies, Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer, Agriculture, and Food Systems.

Find the gaps and fill them. The work we do is more than trend analysis; it’s being the catalyst. We find the gaps in the economy, and devise ways to fill them. We create economic relationships—connecting the right business sectors, companies, people, and places. We identify projects that will have the greatest catalytic impact, then build them.

Make it sustainable. This approach works to not only develop new businesses and add jobs, but to onshore and foster emerging economic clusters that are vibrant and sustainable.


Where we are shaping regional economies

Some of our major regional economic positioning projects include:

Milwaukee 7 Region Economic Opportunity and Positioning

Quad Cities Economic Asset and Opportunity Analysis and Positioning

Madison Region/Thrive Economic Asset and Opportunity Analysis and Positioning

Central Illinois 50+ Counties Region

Lincoln-Logan Illinois Region