Funding Strategies and Grant Writing

One of the key strengths Vandewalle & Associates brings to its projects is a wide range of experience identifying and designing projects with the ability to compete and capture funding. 

We can work with you to identify, design and prioritize impactful projects, forge strategic partnerships, and ready your community to compete for rapidly changing stimulus funding. Successful grant writing is more than just writing the grant application. It’s understanding the criteria (job creation, community impact, tax base etc.) for each grant that will make it stand out from other applicants to bring state, federal and private funds to projects.racine funding strategy graphic

Successful grant writing is about impact. Our track record in preparing successful applications is second to none, particularly with the complex, multi-agency grant programs that are increasingly becoming the norm for most projects and can require a significant amount of matching funds.

Constant tracking in a fast-changing world. As a firm Vandewalle & Associates constantly tracks a wide range of governmental and private that could support our clients’ goals. We also regularly work with clients to develop contacts and partnerships with elected officials governmental agencies and non-profits, to create strategies to rally political support and attract funding to advance projects, and with grant administration.  This includes participating with clients in trips and meetings with granting organizations to present ideas, and arming our clients with clear and concise communication materials geared toward a wide range of funding entities.

Leveraging funds. In addition, we help clients use a variety of local funding sources – such as tax increment financing, business improvement districts, and capital improvement funds – to leverage available grants to stretch these limited resources for maximum impact.