Susan Hoeft

Susan Hoeft,
Senior Economic Development Advisor

Susan Hoeft is a senior economic development advisor with twenty years experience in assisting communities in revitalization and redevelopment activities. The professional services that Susan renders to communities in the creation of tax increment financing districts have provided municipalities with financing tools to implement industrial and downtown revitalization projects. Financing tools that Susan uses are tax increment financing (TIF), economic development funding, and state and federal grants. Examples are WisDOT TEA, Department of Commerce Public Facilities for Economic Development (PFED), Section 108 loans, and other types of financing. In addition, she has extensive experience in advising communities on the creation of redevelopment areas and plans specifically aimed at facilitating redevelopment opportunities.

Redevelopment activities in which Susan has been involved include conducting market overviews to determine the highest and best mix of businesses that will complement and expand the existing business base. Other redevelopment activities include business and developer recruitment programs specifically tailored for that community’s needs. Private donation programs are another tool that Susan uses to formulate private participation in public redevelopment projects. Creative solutions to public-private partnerships are also used in the revitalization and redevelopment processes. Many of the communities that Susan has worked with have benefited from these innovative approaches to redevelopment. Susan is also a project manager and advises development corporations and communities on the marketing, development and implementation of high-quality business/industrial parks. As a licensed Wisconsin real estate broker, she is experienced in assisting communities or development corporations with negotiations, developer agreements, protective covenants and other activities directly related to business/industrial recruitment.


B.M. University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Professional Licenses, Registrations, and Memberships

Licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Broker