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It takes a different kind of team to tackle unprecedented change. Vandewalle & Associates is a multi-disciplinary collection of innovative, high-level professionals, each brought into our projects to put their unique array of expertise to work at just the right time.

This gives you access to all our skills as your project needs them. We design these project teams to be results-based, to match projects and needs we serve like no one else including building regional economies and positioning places, embracing regional resources, shaping communities, vitalizing urban places, and catalyzing and implementing projects.

Innovation is fed by deep passion and personal dedication. We tend to pursue new ideas and gather experiences in more than just our work, but in our personal lives. From time to time we post items and events to share with you that we pursue on our own and beyond the workplace to keep learning, contributing, and growing.

Click on the names below to find out more about each individual including resume, unique talents, and projects in which they’ve served a major role.



Brian Vandewalle–CEO/President/Owner & Founder.  Email Brian
Expert in Urban Planning/Economic Development/Redevelopment.


Mike Slavney, FAICP–Principal Planner/Community Planning and Growth Management. Email Mike

Rob Gottschalk, AICP–Principal/Economic Development & Regional Sustainability.  Email Rob

Brian Munson–Principal Designer/Neighborhood Design & Project Facilitation.  Email Brian

Jeff Maloney–Principal Designer/Development Facilitation & Implementation. Email Jeff

Dean Proctor, AIA–Principal Designer/Architect. Email Dean

Nonna Anderson–Principal/Business Manager. Email Nonna

Susan Hansen–Principal/Marketing Communications & Positioning. Email Susan

Scott Harrington, AICP–Principal Planner/Redevelopment. Email Scott


Jackie Mich, AICP–Lead Associate Planner. Email Jackie


Benjamin Rohr, AICP–Associate Planner. Email Ben

Elona Bartnick–Associate Designer.  Email Elona

Guadalupe (Lupita) Alvarez–Associate Planner. Email Lupita

Meredith Perks–Associate Planner. Email Meredith

Sonja Kruesel, AICP–Associate Planner. Email Sonja


Nema Hadi–Assistant Designer. Email Nema


Nicole Anderson–Project Assistant/Communications Specialist.    Email Nicole


Dan Eckberg, AICP–GIS Planner.  Email Dan

Susan Hoeft–Economic Development Specialist.  Email Susan


Carol Cizauskas–Administrative Assistant.    Email Carol