Hancock County new director praises V&A-led comprehensive plan

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Hancock County new director praises V&A-led comprehensive plan

HANCOCK COUNTY, IN (with excerpts from The Greenfield Reporter) – Kayla Brooks may be the county’s new planning director, but she’s been a familiar face around the office over the past couple months.

Ms. Brooks participated as a resident in the recent Hancock County comprehensive plan update process led by Vandewalle & Associates, which provided multiple opportunities for the public to provide feedback.

The county’s plan commission supports the update and the county commissioners are slated to vote on it next month. If approved, leaders will use the document to guide development over the next 20 years. Along with land use recommendations, the plan also includes a thoroughfare plan and economic development strategy.

“I’m still familiarizing myself with all the real gems that are in there,” she said of the document, which is over 200 pages. “… Every time I look through it, I find something new I didn’t know was there.”

She praised the efforts that went into the new comprehensive plan, which started in 2021 and were led by the consulting firm Vandewalle & Associates and a steering committee of local stakeholders.

“I think they did a really nice job,” she said. “I know they’ve approached a lot of hard issues, and they’ve taken into account a lot of the community’s concerns.”

Full Greenfield Reporter article. 

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