V&A speaks to housing in latest “State of the Downtown” Madison report

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V&A speaks to housing in latest “State of the Downtown” Madison report

Downtown Madison, Inc. has released its latest report, “2022 State of the Downtown.” The report offers new data on the growing population of downtown residents, discusses some significant new development projects, and speaks to Madison’s challenges and plans to address downtown housing among other topics.

In downtown Madison as in many college towns, part of that equation is keeping up with the demand for housing options that are affordable for students.

Madison is moving ahead on some unique solutions. Page 16 highlights the  unique offerings of the new “OLIV Madison” project on Gorham and State Street — a 10-story apartment that will provide unprecedented affordable housing for as many as 1,000 student residents, as well as creating affordable incubator space for new businesses.

OLIV Madison will “bring a lot of activity” and is an exciting “part of the reimagining of the district” according to Brian Munson, Vandewalle & Associates Principal Facilitation Initiatives and Neighborhood Designer.

For the big picture of how the project fits in, see the full document here.

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