Report Shows Support for Green Space at Oregon Main Street Lot

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Report Shows Support for Green Space at Oregon Main Street Lot

OREGON, WISC. (EXCERPTS FROM THE OREGON OBSERVER): Results from a Vandewalle & Associates comprehensive study, presented to Oregon’s Village Board on Monday, Oct. 17, revealed that the community favors the idea of passive recreational use or a mixed development use for the future of the 249 Main St. lot.

The Village Board previously commissioned Vandewalle & Associates to complete the Main Street reuse study after the topic garnered considerable attention and debate throughout Oregon. Their results were based on multiple factors, including feedback derived from a public workshop, random survey and comments sent to administrative staff individually.

Feedback from the public workshop and survey showed that participating residents placed an emphasis on numerous interests like preserving mature trees, addressing stormwater management issues and using the land for green or open space.

Several residents attended the Oct. 17 Village Board meeting to offer public comment after the presentation. All spoke in support of using 249 Main St. for passive recreation and parkland.

“People want green space. They want to preserve the land. The word park was never actually used in the survey, but it’s very clear that people want the green space,” one community member, who is directly involved with efforts to turn the land into a sculpture garden, told trustees.

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