Best Wishes to Our Retiring Mentor and Planning Master Michael A. Slavney

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Best Wishes to Our Retiring Mentor and Planning Master Michael A. Slavney

MADISON, WISC. We had a splendid turnout for Mike Slavney’s retirement bash this past weekend. After 32 remarkable years with Vandewalle & Associates, Mike’s influence permeates so much of what we do. Mike is known among us as a great mentor, friend, thought leader, innovator, and along the way master storyteller. 

Mike wrote the book on progressive zoning in Wisconsin, both literally and figuratively. In partial thanks we gathered some of the stories, lessons, tall tales and outright yarns we’ve heard over the years from Mike, and bound them into a book. Of course the stories get better with every telling, so we had Mike share a few and fact check our collective memories. Notes and corrections: The golf ball diving took place under cover of darkness. No nuns were involved. The oil drum rafting venture ended in St. Louis. Mr. T’s trees were 100 year old oaks and yes he did replant them. Thanks to Scott for graciously hosting this memorable event, and thanks to all who contributed tales, time, and were on hand to make it a successful, well-earned sendoff. Congratulations and the very best wishes on your next adventures, Mike! We look forward to hearing all the stories to come.

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  1. Congrats Mike!

  2. Great to have crossed your path. Learned a lot about planning from you. Now in GMA state. Take care.

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