Lake Geneva to continue to work with Vandewalle & Associates; company has helped with comprehensive, park, bike plans

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Lake Geneva waterfront

LAKE GENEVA, WISC. (WITH EXCERPTS FROM LAKE GENEVA NEWS) — The City of Lake Geneva will continue its working relationship with Vandewalle & Associates, Inc., of Madison, a company that has been providing city planning services for the community for about 27 years.

Members of the Lake Geneva City Council unanimously approved, July 25, to continue to use the firm for city planning services.

The Lake Geneva Plan Commission unanimously recommended, July 18, that the city continue to work with the planning firm and to have City Administrator Dave Nord review that contract that the city has with the company annually.

Representatives from Vandewalle & Associates have served as Lake Geneva’s city planning firm for about 27 years and have assisted the city with its comprehensive plan amendments, park and open space plan, ordinance amendments, bicycle and pedestrian plan, Hillmoor special area plan, and Transportation Alternatives Program grant application.

The company also has hosted informational meetings for city staff.

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