Positioning the Upper Midwest as climate-secure

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Amid frequent national reports about forest fires, intense weather events and water shortages, the Milwaukee Region’s value proposition of being relatively free from the threat of natural disasters is becoming more relevant by the day. That platform is being used by the MMAC Chamber and Milwaukee 7 Partnership for Economic Development to appeal to businesses that may be considering a relocation or new site selection to lessen risks to people, buildings, and work hours.

The opportunities for both climate safety and freshwater were first identified by M7 with the help of Vandewalle & Associates in the Milwaukee 7 Economic Strategy.

A recent CNBC story defined climate havens as regions that are “situated in places that avoid the worst effects of natural disasters and have the infrastructure to support a larger population.” That describes many places across the Upper Midwest including Milwaukee and Madison.

MMAC’s Milwaukee Commerce magazine put it this way: “A recent analysis by MMAC member McKinsey & Company shows that by 2030, demand for water will outstrip supply by 40 percent, and that about half of the world’s population will live in water -scarce areas.

“For much of the world, this is a looming existential challenge. For Great Lakes cities like Milwaukee, it’s an opportunity – if managed correctly.”

The opportunity has led to several key initiatives to advance industry clusters and policy over the last decade or more, including identification and development of the Water Council water industry cluster, now headquartered in Milwaukee. The Great Lakes Compact is an example of government collaboration that really works in protecting the Great Lakes as a resource and asset.


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