Kewaskum to create Main Street Revitalization Plan with V&A

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Kewaskum to create Main Street Revitalization Plan with V&A

KEWASKUM, WISC. (WITH EXCERPTS FROM GMTODAY.COM): Kewaskum will be entering a contract with Vandewalle and Associates to create the Main Street Revitalization Plan. 

The Washington County Site Redevelopment Steering Committee met on Thursday, and took up “the Village of Kewaskum downtown redevelopment plan request utilizing the Washington County Brownfields Assessment Fund” on its agenda. According to documents and Village Administrator Adam Gitter, Kewaskum requested $32,000 for a downtown planning effort. The village will pay $8,000 as well, for a total of $40,000.

The county committee approved the measure to release funds for the project unanimously.

“EDWC (Economic Development Washington County) spoke highly of the project, and called it catalytic,” Gitter said afterward.

“The Main Street Revitalization Plan will address crucial topics such as leveraging the Village Hall/Library/Police Department project, potential for catalytic projects, reuse/redevelopment potential of specific properties, methods of driving redevelopment on private properties, public realm improvements, improved parking, bicycle/pedestrian connectivity to other destinations in Village and economic benefit for the Village,” according to a scope of work document from Vandewalle.

The Vandewalle document stated they will draft a plan for the entire downtown area using stakeholder interviews, analysis of all the sites within the area to provide reuse and rehabilitation recommendations, community workshop discussion and other information gathering methods.

“Kewaskum is entering a new age of planning great things for the downtown,” Gitter said.

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