City of Jefferson, Wisconsin “ready for an update”

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City of Jefferson, Wisconsin “ready for an update”

CITY OF JEFFERSON, WIS. (Excerpts from the Daily Jefferson County Union) — Jefferson residents and visitors to the city alike can look forward to a nicer-looking and safer downtown in the coming years, as leaders ponder tackling an ambitious project to update the streets-cape of the county seat. 


The last time the overall look and feel of Jefferson’s downtown was addressed was in the early- to mid-1990s. 

The downtown street-scape renovation project is reportedly the brainchild of several entities in Jefferson, including city staff and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. The city has had help from the planners of Vandewalle and Associates.

Consideration of the project has been going on for at least two years.

The work area includes Dodge Street, from Main Street west to Rotary Park on the south end; Milwaukee Street, from Center Avenue west to the pedestrian bridge; and Racine Street west from Center Avenue to Main Street. The renovations will run on Main Street from Dodge Street north to East Mechanic Street.

According to project plans, the street-scape improvements might include building off of existing assets, such as what designers have called the city’s “exceptional historic building facades” of yellow brick. The wood and black steel pedestrian bridge is a major asset that is being used as a project anchor.

You can read the full article in the Daily Jefferson County Union here.


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