Jackson board approves proposal for housing development assistance

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Jackson board approves proposal for housing development assistance

JACKSON, WISC. — The village is planning for new development and expansion of its housing market, as a planning firm has been brought on to help plan and develop the Spruce Street area.

The Village Board Tuesday approved a service proposal from Vandewalle & Associates for housing development assistance. According to the proposal, work will be done in four phases of housing development goals, developer recruitment, developer negation, and implementation.

The location is within Jackson’s Tax Incremental Finance District 7, which was created in 2019, according to village information. In a TID, property within the district is removed from the normal tax rolls; money normally collected from those properties for the city, county, school district, or other relevant jurisdictions is instead reinvested into the district for the life of the TID.

Such districts are often used by municipalities to help spur development by using TID dollars collected to fund infrastructure or assist developers. According to Vandewalle & Associates, all the services in their proposal are eligible for TID funding.

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