Glendale adding bike lanes and apartments to connect community

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Glendale adding bike lanes and apartments to connect community

(March 5, 2021). GLENDALE, WI: The city was founded 70 years ago from leftover area that decades earlier was carved up to form other North Shore communities. Now, a new plan for pedestrian and bike enhancements and a large apartment development could better connect neighborhoods within Glendale.

On March 4th, the Bayshore apartments project was recommended for approval but the Community Development Authority. This would add 311 apartments in four buildings to the northern end of Bayshore, and a new roundabout and bike lanes throughout the city. The roundabout and bike lanes could help slow traffic, and better connect the area west of I-43 (where most of Glendale’s 12,500 residents live) to Bayshore (east of I-43) and its new incoming residents. The housing proposal is intended to help with the continuing redevelopment of Bayshore from a failing retail-oriented center into a mixed-use hub. Bayshore spokeswoman Kristin Paltzer says that (pending final city approval), construction of the apartments is to begin in September 2021 with completion anticipated in early 2023.

The bike plan, created for the city by Vandewalle & Associates Inc., features several general recommendations including a Complete Streets Policy. It recommends bike lanes, more sidewalks, narrower streets and other safety upgrades on several busy roads in the city. This will help make streets safer and more welcoming for bikers, walkers, and mass transit riders alike. The bike and pedestrian enhancements are also designed to help Glendale continue to attract younger residents – as many older homeowners have sold to young families in recent years. This has created a need for more family-friendly activities within the city. The City Administrator Rachel Safstrom said these improvements are to begin over the next few years.

Mayor Bryan Kennedy explains that making biking and walking safer will help better connect Glendale’s neighborhoods – including the growing number of apartments at Bayshore. (For more information click here). 

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