Slinger: Niphos Property Development Agreement in the Works

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SLINGER, WISCONSIN. (December 18th, 2020) Washington County officials are in negotiations with the developer Forward Contractors, LLC of Cedarburg, about the possible redevelopment of the former Niphos property into four to six condos. “The proposal that’s been presented by the developer to the county is to rehabilitate the building and we believe that’s a super idea because it’s an extremely historic building and if they can maintain anything of that history, its character, that would really be great,” said Village Administrator Margaret Wilber. “That proposal would fit right in with the (residential) neighborhood and it could bring some more people to the downtown.” The Washington County deputy parks and planning administrator stated that the discussion was “very promising news.”

The former Niphos Coatings Company at 308 Oak St has long been closed and is now owned by Washington County. In 2012 the EPA removed over 8,000 gallons of hazardous chemicals from the site, but the ground under the building may still be contaminated.

The village became part of the Washington County Brownfields Assessment Coalition in 2014 and has received at least two EPA grants since then. Through the County’s Site Redevelopment program, Vandewalle and Associates and Stantec Consulting Services have worked in tandem with the County and the village to consider a variety of redevelopment scenarios for the Niphos property. (For more information click here).

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