Big-box ordinances help guide compatible development

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Big-box ordinances help guide compatible development

DANE COUNTY, WISC. – As communities continue rapid growth in Dane County, planners at Vandewalle & Associates have been called upon to author big box ordinances that are helping communities like Stoughton and Mt. Horeb to keep growth compatible with community goals. In an article from Building Design and Construction, V&A principal Mike Slavney explains how these ordinances reconcile the mass and appearance of big box development  with local community standards. Facing market saturation, these ordinances are moving mega-retailers to rethink how they design structures and specify materials in order to expand into more communities. Mike staes that, while the destign and matierials requirements could add a 1–5% premium on total construction costs, most large retailers are inclined to comply in order to expedite plan approvals and permitting. Check out the BCDNetwork article here.

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