In support of human innovation and project momentum

Posted by on Apr 3, 2020 in News | Comments Off on In support of human innovation and project momentum

In the midst of this unprecedented global health event, Vandewalle & Associates wants to check in with each of you—to hear how you are doing, help you connect to the resources you need now, and understand where your concerns lie for the future. Know that we are all in this together; partnering over the long term to find new ways through challenge that can ultimately and positively impact more lives. Currently collaborating out of dispersed locations, our individual contact information can be accessed here.

Here’s the key message: Keep moving forward. Communities and corporations should not hit the pause button on future plans right now; the impact on livability gained from projects in the pipeline cannot wait—and will help set those places up for recovery. With you, we are committed to keeping the vital momentum of your vision, impactful projects, and successful implementation moving forward.

Of course, no one knows exactly what the future will look like. Social and economic change has become rapid … punctuated … unprecedented. Yet within that change come narrow windows of opportunity that can make all the difference on the other side. We are seeing people and planet continue to surprise with creativity, rapid innovation, and unique adaptations great and small.

Assembling and aligning resources. That’s why you will find the Vandewalle & Associates team continuing daily to manage, revise, and implement. We are writing grants, and tracking changes in states, federal and foundational funding daily. We also continue to listen, collaborate, brainstorm, and collect vital social, economic, and change-influenced data that will prepare us to find solutions for new realities.

For every new challenge: an opportunity. It may look daunting now…but we believe there’s always a way to harness change to better the lives of more people. It’s simply a matter of framing a vision in the right windows at the right time.

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