McFarland reviews new neighborhood plan with an eye on affordability

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McFarland reviews new neighborhood plan with an eye on affordability

MCFARLAND, WISC. (Excerpts from and the McFarland Thistle) – McFarland village staff is expecting a petition of annexation for 36.29 acres of land along Highway AB – currently in the Town of Dunn – on which a new subdivision is proposed.

Veridian Homes and developers presented conceptual plans to the village plan commission Jan. 23. They are expected to resubmit revised plans after garnering feedback from commissioners and community members.

Developers would like to decrease the price for the new subdivision houses below $400,000 and target a range around $350,000. Additional sites would lower price points of the homes.

Three options for concept plans were submitted for the property owned by Utterback LTD Partnership.

The first plan would create 98 homes with a grid of walkable streets. Vandewalle & Associates principal designer Brian Munson notes the housing would be comparable to Veridian Homes’s Juniper Ridge neighborhood.

The second option would create 105 homes by reducing side yard setbacks to a minimum of 5 feet.

The third option would create 114 homes in which one block of homes would have a private alley to access backyard garages and carriage lanes. There would be a greater variety in format, price points and floor plans.

“We are trying to reset the bar from Juniper Ridge,” Chris Ehlers of Veridian Homes said. “Juniper Ridge is getting too expensive. This is a little cheaper site to develop, so we’re trying to dial it back.”

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