Public provides feedback on Veridian Homes plan in Waunakee

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Public provides feedback on Veridian Homes plan in Waunakee

The public comments on Veridian Homes’ Heritage Hills plan at the January 6 Village Board meeting in Waunakee expressed praise for its inclusion of more affordable housing.

Brian Munson of Vandewalle Associates noted that site is prominently located at the eastern gateway to the community.

The plan for this Master Planned community is for 318 single family homes, 88 twin homes, 72 haven twin homes geared for seniors and 200 multifamily homes. It also includes a farm mixed-use center intended to preserve the existing buildings and allow some retail use.

Chris Ehlers of Veridian Homes said, “The goal is to have economic diversity throughout the community,” Ehlers said. While the average sales price for a home in Waunakee currently at $452,000 on MLS, the average price of the homes in this development would be $365,000, with some homes under $300,000. Heritage Hills would be marketed to first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, luxury estate buyers, and active adults who are downsizing, along with those seeking multifamily housing.

Kurt Breunig, whose owns the property that Veridian proposes to develop, told the board that Veridian representatives asked the family about their wishes for the property when they proposed the development. “One of the key things were trying to maintain the heritage, so they’ve done that,” Breunig said.

Breunig said the family was aware of the housing needs due to the housing task force. “Obviously Veridian did their research also. And when they presented their preliminary plan to our family, which really hasn’t changed much at all, we were just very impressed with how they tied into the existing areas around the community – the green space, the parks, Schumacher Park.” Breunig added.



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