Washington County Site Redevelopment Program recognized by USEPA

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Washington County Site Redevelopment Program recognized by USEPA

The Washington County Site Redevelopment Program and the City of West Bend were recognized by the US EPA Region 5 for ‘Outstanding Contributions in Brownfields Redevelopment’ for the affordable housing provided by the Barton School Apartment Redevelopment. The City of West Bend and the Washington County Site Redevelopment Program identified the 7-acre site’s potential for affordable housing. Work is now underway to renovate the former school into a 22-unit apartment complex and to construct 18 new townhomes on the property. The former school gym will remain open for recreational use and the former library will become a community room. Completion is expected in early 2020.

Capital sources include:

  • $39,000 in EPA grand funds for environmental assessment and soil management
  • $4,785,900 Affordable Housing Tax Credit Equity from Red Stone Equity Partners through WHEDA’s Allocation of Affordable Housing Tax Credits
  • $1,700,000 WHEDA First Mortgage
  • $250,000 Capital Magnet Funds
  • $415,000 Home Consortium
  • $510,000 AHP Grant-Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • $1,000,000+ WEDC State Historic Tax Credits
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