Eau Claire Redevelopment Authority looks at plans for Cannery District

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Eau Claire Redevelopment Authority looks at plans for Cannery District

EAU CLAIRE, WISC. (with excerpts from LeaderTelegram.com) — New apartment buildings, townhomes and commercial areas for “maker-type” businesses are envisioned for Eau Claire’s Cannery District.

The Eau Claire Redevelopment Authority Board (RDA) met with Milwaukee-based consultant Vandewalle & Associates on plans for the district on the west bank of the Chippewa River.

The RDA determined that the riverfront land just south of the High Bridge should include apartment buildings. Kessler Park should be redeveloped for housing, specifically townhomes. A new park would be created directly east of the existing one as part of the Cannery District. Other areas would have apartments and commercial space for businesses such as microbreweries, bakeries, craft makers, artists and other ventures that produce and sell goods on-site. About 10 acres with public trails and park space will balance out the district.

Using the RDA Board’s ideas, Vandewalle & Associates will next draft final designs for the Cannery District. Those designs will help market the district to private developers.

You can read the full article here.

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