Carrollton council advances TIF district creation

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Carrollton council advances TIF district creation

CARROLLTON, ILLINOIS (Excerpts from — The Carrollton City Council is moving forward to establish a downtown TIF district, voting on a handful of resolutions necessary for district creation.

Pat Pinkston, adviser to the Carrollton Square Initiative — an initiative to spur economic growth in the city’s downtown — supports developing the district. The group plans to roll out in late September proposed economic strategies based on discussions with business owners and analysis from design firm Vandewalle & Associates  and will work on developing a plan for improving the downtown area. The revenue raised from a TIF district would help them implement their plan, Pinkston said.

“TIFs are one of the mechanisms to fund the development plan,” Pinkston said. “It’s a funding mechanism that can make economic developments stable.”

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